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Training and Mentoring

Good communications starts with the individual

However good the marketing plan, creative the advertising, persuasive the direct mailing and relevant the social media buzz, they are not worth a jot if the customer interface does not match the promise of the external communications.

The wrong attitude on the telephone, a poorly briefed sales executive, a bad tempered response from an accounts office, a marketing manager who is not up to speed on market conditions… they all can unravel the best laid plans of mice and managing directors.

Properly planned training and coaching will help avoid this type of problem. Before any external communications programme is started every organisation’s internal communications needs auditing. Does everyone know what the organisation stands for and has planned for the future? Are they fully briefed and trained? If the company is trying to re-position itself in the market place (and many are in these tough economic times) don’t expect a change of culture to happen overnight. It needs planning, the involvement of all personnel and a programme of clear internal messaging and training.

Watershed specialise in behavioural coaching and training. Typically this involves:

  • Internal communications programmes
  • Sales training
  • Understanding the new consumer
  • Telephone training
  • Presentation techniques
  • Media training (Broadcast and press)
  • Managing change
  • Negotiation
  • Dealing with difficult people

Other courses:

  • Understanding the mysteries of social media
  • Making PR work
  • Marketing management
  • Direct mail writing
  • How to win pitches

Watershed does not run open courses but tailors training to client requirements.